A Simple Word Of Knowledge

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I just wanted to share a short story of a couple of experiences I have had that I felt I should share in appreciation to God and thankfulness for His faithfulness in showing up and doing awesome stuff on such a consistent basis that it is simply mind boggling.

What happened? Honestly, not much really. In fact I have had so many times of experiencing God speaking through the word of knowledge that I hardly think of it much these days.

I was in a meeting with Plumbline Ministries here in Colorado at a local Vineyard Church. The class was on the prophetic, so at the end we usually pair off in twos or threes and pray for one another. I had a chance to pray with a young man who was a complete stranger to me, being new to the class. God gave me Romans 1:15-18 to pray over him and Psalm 139. I said that I thought God was bringing this young man through a transition where He was releasing the hope, inheritance and power mentioned in the Romans verse and a great level of deep wisdom and revelation. I then said that God was showing him his identity as in the verses from some sections in Psalm 139, that God knows him and watches over him. The young man confirmed to me that he was indeed in a transition in life and that the two scriptures I used to minister to him were the scriptures that God had given him to meditate on in the last season and in the new season, Psalm 139 being the old season and Romans 1 being the new.

Honestly now, the Bible is a big book, with thousands of inspiring verses in it’s sixty six books. So what do you think the odds are that one person would randomly pick the two exact verses from another person’s spiritual study?

And then a while back I met with a friend Ryan. Here is my journal recollection of the meeting:

I met with my friend and co-worker Ryan this morning and we had a great time together. We talked a lot about calling and leadership, and even missions. Ryan said he has a heart for missions in Africa, and I shared that my concern was to re-evangelize the West. I encouraged him to be the man of God he is called to and his wife, Elena, would follow.

As we were closing I shared that I felt we should read Isaiah 6, as I had felt God had been leading me to share that verse. I read the verse and then shared about the impact that Uzziah had on Isaiah and how that Uzziah was like a Ronald Reagan to many of us, a great leader. But Isaiah was coming to the temple because he was in despair for his country and his own future. I explained the history of Uzziah and how his death was a major shock and loss. I then explained that Isaiah had “overheard” the call from God, and that God did not speak directly to him, but had spoken out in a general sense to whoever was listening. It was Isaiah’s choice to respond. I said that I felt that the call was going out and it was our time to respond to God’s call and be faithful as best we could.
Then Ryan explained that his wife’s brother had been visiting them and staying in their home. He has had a real renewal of his Orthodox faith, having grown up in Russia as an atheist. It is his custom to read scripture or commentary in the morning and Ryan usually asks him what he is reading. He was reading from the passage that told of the life of Uzziah! Think of it. A guy is walking out the door and asks his brother in law what he is reading and he responds that he is reading this obscure passage from second Chronicles about a king named Uzziah. Then he goes to meet a Christian friend who shares about another passage that mentions this same obscure Bible character, and then includes the story about Uzziah as background to the discussion! Hmmm. Very interesting.
Ryan told me about this and I responded with, “Well man, how does it feel to have a supernatural experience?”
Praise God. Pretty cool.
Again, what are the odds that two people are going the mentions the same Bible character from 2Chronicles and 2Kings and Isaiah. And it’s not like these are huge miracles or anything, but it just shows that God likes us and wants to let us know that He is near.
What do you think? Have you ever had any experiences like this?