Prophetic Dilemmas #4 – It Is God Who Ordains

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Prophetic Dilemmas – dilemmas of decision and action based on faith, wisdom and relationship with God through His Holy Spirit, in which we discover something new of our own character, gifting or calling, or a new aspect or attribute of God Himself.

Ordination – The act of ordaining, appointing, or setting apart; the state of being ordained, appointed, etc.
How should you be ordained? Or should you be ordained at all? I was in a meeting recently when I saw a young person across the room, and I saw a picture of her looking here and there, looking to men and to various movements in the nation to see where she might find the place of her “ordination.” Then I heard the phrase: “When I choose and call a person, I also ordain them. There is no need to seek an ordination outside of my own choosing. The day I call someone is the day I ordain them.” So I went over and delivered this encouragement to this young lady and I believe she received it with the proper amount of wisdom and caution.
I am, of course, not saying that ordination by denominations and churches is not necessary. If you want to be a Methodist or Baptist minister, and you are called by God to this, then you probably ought to do what’s necessary to be ordained. But what I am saying is this; public ordination by laying on of hands of leaders is simply an act of recognizing what God has already done first.
And let’s further suppose that you are in a place that doesn’t fit the nice parameters of a hundreds of years old denomination. What do you do then? What if you feel a sense of call to a strange place or group of people or to an activity not even considered ministry a year or two ago? In other words, what if you are a pioneer? I think the answer is simple, but profound; you’re on your own, baby! And what might really blow your mind is that it is probably better that way. That’s right, better.
In my study of movements and revivals, the most common mistake of leaders is their myopic view of the world caused by their own blindness, called “success.” They imagine no other way of leading than the one they do, period. This blindness can cause people with a genuine call to an impacting ministry to wander for years in the wrong direction because they have been programmed to recreate the old model for success, instead of trusting God to show them how to conduct their own ministry call with passion, integrity and faithfulness. It is the rare leader who comes alongside a young person and says, “Lord, what is this one called to and how can I help them?”
I believe we are probably in the midst of a great spiritual upheaval that will see the emergence of “Kingdom” ministries that defy the label “church,” and will baffle those with an old mindset towards ministry. We need leaders who will allow God to show them ways to help new pioneers in the Kingdom without demanding a structure that is simply the old thing with Powerpoint presentations, smoke and laser shows. And for the young, and not-so-young, pioneers, there needs to be an awareness of the sacrifice and holiness, and spiritual strength of the previous generation, and to see them as a resource for wisdom and prayer, and not as an obstacle.
If you are a pioneer, stop learning the ways and style of a generation or two ago. It will only slow you down and turn off the people you are trying to reach. Realize that you are probably called to a place and a people that won’t tolerate hype and spin. Be yourself, no matter what. See you at the finish line!