Prophetic Dilemmas: Where To Be

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PD1 – Where To Be

Prophetic Dilemmas – dilemmas of decision and action based on faith, wisdom and relationship with God through His Holy Spirit, in which we discover something new of our own character, gifting or calling, or a new aspect or attribute of God Himself.
In “prophetic” circles there is bandied about a certain phrase; “the geographical will of God.” It can also be called your “land of anointing,” place of God’s favor, sphere of influence, or even something like “the zone.” Basically the idea here is that God has a place for you to BE as well as a thing for you to DO.
Years ago I had a period of about a year where I read and meditated on Psalm 25 daily, and sometimes even more than that. Two verses from Psalm 25 apply directly to this subject of where to be. The first, verse 14, refers to relationship with God:
The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.
The implication here is that when you are in a partnership with God, and relate to Him as your Lord, walking with God in a sense of awe and wonder, He will make a unique commitment to you, and you to Him; a covenant, a sacred bond. This bond is a friendship with God. So, it makes sense that a Friend like that would help you to be where you need to be, and would let you know if you were not in the right place and show you how to get there, right?
The other verse that is helpful here in our dilemma of where to be is verse 12:
Who is the man that fears the LORD? Him shall He teach in the way He chooses.
This verse used to really bother, because it says that God chooses where I need to be, and not me. Other translations of this verse translated as to imply the very opposite, with the emphasis on God showing us the way we should choose. This is helpful, and a good way to look at this concept as well. But, the literal wording in the Hebrew goes something like this: Who is this – the man fearing Jehovah? He directs him in the way He chooses. As a good American, I like the way of looking at this that says its how I choose that’s important, but it’s just not the way the verse was written or intended. It seems that God is under the impression that He is in charge of the universe, and not us.
So I’ll give you the short answer to the where to be question, in close covenant relationship with God. Because, if that’s where you are in relationship with God, then He will make sure you are physically where you need to be, or professionally, or spiritually, or any other way. The initiative is with God. He chooses and then sets about to get where He needs you to be.
So the important thing is “being” and not “doing.” Being in a relationship of closeness results in hearing His voice and doing stuff.
Years ago I was visiting a church with a friend, who was scheduled as the guest speaker at a church in Castle Rock, Colorado. There were three services, one on Saturday night, and two on Sunday morning. I sat with my friend on the Saturday night service, and was intending to do the same on the Sunday meetings. But just as I was sitting down for the service, I “felt” I should go to the coffee bar area of the church and catch the service from that vantage point. I thought maybe the caffeine deficiency in my body may have been calling. But, knowing these promptings from past experience, I went ahead and obeyed the prompting and went and got a cup of coffee and had a seat in the coffee area. I talked to a couple, just small talk. Then a lady came up to me and starting asking about how to pray for people, and how the Holy Spirit moves on people in these situations. So I thought, maybe this was why I had been called back to the coffee area. But I still felt, no, this is not it.
Then, out in the foyer area, a lady came through the door from the auditorium obviously in great pain and being helped by another woman, a person on the church’s team of people who pray for those with needs of any kind. Since this is what we had been talking about, my new friend and I decided to go over and see what we could do to help. The lady in pain was named Barb, and had been prompted come to church to receive prayer about a very bad back. We prayed for for a while, but nothing really seemed to be happening. I asked the ladies if we could just stop for a moment and just wait for some sort of a direction. After a moment I heard his statement in my mind, “Ask her if she’s a Christian.” So I did, and her answer was so awesome. She said, “No, I’m not. I have too many sins in my life.” Then I knew why I had been called back to the coffee area. I asked her if she would like to make the best deal of her life, and she nodded, listening attentively. I said, “What if God would promise to take away your sin in exchange for His righteousness, would you be interested?” We then helped her to pray to receive Christ, and it was awesome! She lit up like a Christmas tree. We blessed her and sent her on her way.
At exactly that moment, the call came in the service for people to come for prayer, so I walked into the service to help. I walked up to my friend Brian just as gentleman was asking for ministry, and Brian said, “This is my friend Cliff, he can pray for you if that’s OK? The man said yes, and we moved to a place a little ways off so we could do just that. His name was Jack. His request was simple. He said he had had stomach pain for a couple of years and was about to go to the doctor about it, and would I pray for him. As I began, I felt again the prompting to wait. I sensed the need to speak prophetic word of encouragement to him. I said that God still had a plan for his life and that He was planning to bless his family, and many others through what God was going to do in his life. After this I saw Jack become strengthened by the Spirit of God. It seemed like he was glowing with faith. So then I prayed for his stomach problem, very simply, commanding the pain to go away. And we were done.
The next month, when Brian and I arrived to have his class at the church, the first person that met us was Jack. Very excited, he said, “Boy, I’ve got a story to tell you. Last month when you prayed for me I didn’t have time to tell you the whole story. I was going to the doctor the very next day to get a biopsy of my pancreas. They did two of those scopes, you know, where they put that scope down your throat to look at my pancreas, ultrasound I think they call it. And twice they found two tumors on my pancreas and a third time with an x-ray. The Doc said it was 95 percent positive to be cancer. But guess what? When they went in for the biopsy they didn’t find anything at all. The tumors were completely gone. What do you think of that?”
Well, we were blown away. That night Jack told his story to the class, and there was not a dry eye to be found. People shouted and clapped and gave all the glory to God. It was a party, my favorite kind of party.
So no matter who you are, God can lead you to be where he needs you to be, as long as you stay in that place of relationship with him.
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye. – Psalm 32:8