The Kingdom Way – Discovering the Path to Your Destiny

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Who am I? 

Why am I here? 

What am I here to do? 

Is there a God? 

If so, does He have a plan for my life?


The Kingdom Way is a book intended to help those on the path of life to begin to answer these important questions for themselves. The book is designed as a twelve week course, equivalent to one season of your life, with five studies per week and questions to answer that develop into a treasure trove of information about your particular life call and path. Join author C. Wayne Stewart as he explores the amazing possibilities available to those willing to take the journey called The Kingdom Way.


Along the way, you will discover:

  • The skills and information necessary to honestly seek God
  • How to truly see God through creation and His personal attributes
  • That when you meet God, you are finally able to see yourself
  • That you can hear the voice of God and what that means in your life
  • The incredible power that is released when your will and God’s will are aligned
  • What it means when God has spoken to you for a specific purpose, or call
  • How God’s dream and vision for you unfolds into a compelling life of effective impact
  • The wonderful gifts, talents and motivations God has given you to accomplish your life purpose
  • The skill and ability to perceive processes, times and seasons
  • An understanding of what it will take to fight for your dream and to persevere until it is done
  • What it might look like to live in the preferable future of a fulfilled dream, call, vision and destiny
  • How to live as a visionary leader



Whether you use it for personal or group study, The Kingdom Way will help you to know what God has uniquely designed you to do, what He is doing in the lives of others and how you can make a profound difference in the world. Take the challenge. Take The Kingdom Way.


“Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,

To the house of the God of Jacob;

He will teach us His ways,

And we shall walk in His paths.”

Isaiah 2:3


About the Author

C. Wayne Stewart is founder and president of Restoration Ministries in Centennial, Colorado and also serves on staff of Plumbline Ministries (Kansas City) with Brian Fenimore. He is a jazz fan, a lover of coffee, and an admitted Jesus Freak. His vision is to see people walk out their call and destiny in God to the full.